Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Twenty fascinating photos from history.

  1. What a cool ‘time machine’! Thank you Robert.

  2. Jwing says:

    Is it just me, but does the photo of the Statue of Liberty (Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Freedom) look fake? The background image looks almost sketched in to me.

    • I noticed that too. It wasn’t unusual in the early days of photography for a photo to be significantly retouched prior to publication. I suspect that this is what happened here, especially since I think this photo was part of the publicity campaign to try to raise money to build the statue itself.

      • Jwing says:

        Thanks, I thought it was me.

  3. Joe says:

    Gives context to the term, “when pigs fly”

  4. I see that memory drive slots were much cooler in 1956.

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