ULA official resigns

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In an update to the story last night about the head of ULA rejecting comments made by one of his chief engineers, that engineer has now resigned.

[Brett Tobey, formerly ULA vice president of engineering] resigned his position, effective immediately, ULA chief executive Tory Bruno said in a statement. ULA is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing. “The views, positions and inaccurate statements Mr. Tobey presented at his recent speaking engagement were not aligned with the direction of the company, my views, nor the views I expect from ULA leaders,” Bruno said in the statement.

In other words, we can’t have too much honesty here. There are games that Congress and ULA play with each other to justify the billions in subsidies the government gives ULA, and to note these games in a straightforward way is to note that the emperor has no clothes. We can’t have that.

I hope Tobey finds a job at SpaceX.


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  • Jim

    I think his resignation is perfectly reasonable. ULA is having a competition to supply the new rocket engines, until that competition is finished and the contract awarded to either to Blue Origin or Aerojet he should not indicate to either vendor a preference as that weakens the bargaining position of ULA to get the best price for the engines. This is basic knowledge for anyone who has been involved in any major procurement process.

    It was a major lapse in judgement that may cost ULA millions of dollars due to Blue Origin increasing the price they charge for the engines because they know that they are beating Aerojet in performance before the final price is set.

    I say this a project engineer that procures about a million dollars in equipment annually.

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