United States to pull out from UNESCO

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The United States has announced that it is exiting entirely from UNESCO due to its anti-Israel bias and the lack of any reform within the organization.

The U.S. stopped funding UNESCO after it voted to include Palestine as a member in 2011, but the State Department has maintained a UNESCO office and sought to weigh on policy behind the scenes. The U.S. now owes about $550 million in back payments.

In a statement, the State Department said the decision will take effect Dec. 31, 2018, and that the U.S. will seek a “permanent observer” status instead. It cited U.S. belief in “the need for fundamental reform in the organization.”

…U.S. officials said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made the decision and that it was not discussed with other countries but was the result of an internal U.S. government deliberation. The officials, who were not authorized to be publicly named discussing the issue, said the U.S. is notably angry over UNESCO resolutions denying Jewish connections to holy sites and references to Israel as an occupying power.

The article notes that this happened back in the 1980s, but fails to mention that it was President Reagan who did it, and faced harsh criticism from the usual liberal suspects in the mainstream press and academia. In the end, however, the 1980s pull out worked. UNESCO made reforms, and the U.S. rejoined in 2003.



  • Phill O

    Way to go Donny! Seriously!

  • Cotour

    Outrageous! Trump needs to be removed from office! What an idiot! He is so embarrassing!

    These are the things that some of the people that surround me say related to Trump and his presidency. My reply? Trump is the best thing that has happened to Washington for the last 30 years. (They shake their heads)

    Then I ask: “Do you think what has been going on in Washington over the last 30 years has been good for our country?” No. “Do you think that the general direction we have been going is the direction we should continue to go?” No. “Well then why do you want and expect the same that has delivered us to where we are? You are asking for more of it?” Usually silence after that.

    Trump is different and makes people uncomfortable, but when confronted they usually agree with his thinking. Obama made people comfortable, but when confronted they really did not agree with his thinking, but he looked and sounded sooo nice saying it.

    Go not with what makes you comfortable for there in usually lies danger.

    I say continue to make people uncomfortable president Trump.

  • Jack

    Make the UN leave the US…Start one that only allows governments that only allow free speech

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