Universities increasingly encouraging segregated events

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Bigoted academia: Colleges across the United States are increasingly encouraging segregated graduation ceremonies, creating events that limit attendance to one race, ethnicity, or sexual perversion.

The article describes in detail such college-approved events at Harvard, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Colorado in Boulder, and the University of Georgia. It also notes similar events at the University of California-Berkeley, South Dakota State University, Portland State University, Arizona State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Otterbein University in Ohio.

Would you want your kids to attend places that encourage segregation and the exclusion of people solely because of their race, ethnicity, or sex? I wouldn’t. I would also strongly suggest that any donations to these schools would be far better spent elsewhere.



  • wodun

    This is insanity. Our society worked so hard to end segregation and fight against racial tribalism. That well educated people are leading this doesn’t speak well to the standards of the professional academic class.

  • Diane Wilson

    It’s as if Brown vs. Board of Education never happened. “Separate but equal” was found to be unconstitutional.

    So if these graduation ceremonies are illegal, does that mean that these adult children haven’t really graduated?

  • Edward

    From the article: “This movement started in part many years ago, with campuses hosting so-called ‘Lavender Graduation’ ceremonies for LGBTQ students

    What? Do they think that they are better than the rest of us?

    It is the ones who exclude the others who are the racists, sexists, genderists, or whateverists.
    From the fourth link: “Weinstein became the center of the controversy at Evergreen State due to his having refused to leave campus for an anti-white ‘Day of Absence’ demonstration

  • ken anthony

    The solution is always the same but never gets implemented. Cut off funding.

  • pzatchok

    How about a class action lawsuit?
    Since it is an institution that accepts government funding and we are tax paying members of said government.

    One good lawsuit could force all of these liberal spineless institutions from allowing these segregated activities. Especially with a a conservative SC.

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