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Since one of my readers asked about my future speaking appearances, I thought I’d note them here, on the main page. I will be speaking at three different venues in the next month, as follows:

The first is open to the public, but there is a $10 admission fee to the park. While the last two are free and also open to the public, I do not know what the public must do to gain access to the middle event at Vandenberg Air Force Base, as the location I think will be inside the base.

As always, all my appearances, including these, are listed in the right column below.



  • wayne

    Very cool!
    >Hoping the “audio-visual folks” are recording these!

  • Steve Earle

    My son and I just watched “Apollo Thirteen” again the other night.

    Every time I watch it and there are references to Apollo 8, it reminds me how lucky NASA was to have that oxygen tank explode on 13 instead of 8….. Or, for that matter, on the way back on any of the other moon missions.

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