Warren to boycott Netanyahu speech

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The modern Democrat: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) announced today that she will boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Warren voted against the Senate’s new Iran sanctions bill in the Senate Banking Committee in January, one of just four Democrats to oppose legislation that would impose new penalties on Iran in the event it reneges on any nuclear agreement with the United States.

Warren joins a handful of Senate Democratic Caucus members to skip the address, such as Al Franken of Minnesota and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as well as dozens of House Democrats. Many are skipping because it’s election season in Israel and due to Boehner arranging the speech without consultation with the President Barack Obama, they say.

I single out Warren because she has been touted by many Democrats as their best candidate for President after Hillary Clinton. Yet, she is going to boycott hearing a speech from the only elected leader in the Middle East who happens to be our only reliable ally there. What could he possibly say that she might not like? Might he say that the policy of her Democratic president is dangerous and is allowing Iran, a country that has called for the genocidal destruction of both Israel and the United States, to build its own nuclear bombs? Could it be that she supports Obama’s policy? Her vote on the Iranian sanctions certainly suggests this.

I can tell you that the Democratic argument that John Boehner broke protocol in arranging the speech is petty fiddle-faddle. Considering the threat that Iran poses for the world, and the fact that Israel is our strongest ally to counter that threat, to not attend Netanyahu’s speech for these childish reasons is downright disgraceful. Yet, too many Democrats seem eager to show their hostility to Israel’s leader, while holding out the hand of conciliation to Iran.

Of course, when it comes election time she knows she has nothing to worry about. She knows that American Jews will continue to vote blindly for her and the Democrats.



  • D.K. Williams

    Today’s laughable moment from the Administration: Susan Rice telling AIPAC that relations between America and Israel have never been closer. Of course, this is the same official who said the Benghazi attack happened as the result of a video. I pray Bibi makes the speech of his life. God help Israel and the world if Iran builds nukes.

  • Cotour

    Speaking to a moral litteralist you can convince them or they can convince themselves that they are doing what is “just” or as Obama likes to say “because its the right thing to do”.

    Unfortunately the “right” thing to do is a subjective judgement and when made by weak minded moral litteralists that does not understand power and the forces and concepts that ensure peace you get exactly the opposite of what they say they want to accomplish.

    And when it becomes apparent that shrill Hillary is going to self destruct and is not palatable to anyone for the myriad of reasons that exist Warren will be there to be drafted and step in. Warren is the Dems candidate for 2016.

  • Cotour

    The real possibility of Hillary just flat out not running or being edged out is now being talked about in the media and I believe it the most probable eventuality given her very real negatives.


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