Washington state releasing convicts early by mistake since 2002

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Government marches on: Because of a software error, Washington state has for more than 12 years released more than 3,000 convicted felons several months earlier than required by law

Two of those felons have now been charged with murders that occurred during the period when they should have been in prison.

Sounds stupid and bad eh? Well, it gets worse:

Even though the problem was discovered in 2012, the department repeatedly delayed fixing the software, until Gov. Jay Inslee says the problem finally came to his attention last month. He disclosed the problem to the media in a press conference shortly before Christmas. “That this problem was allowed to continue to exist for 13 years is deeply disappointing, it is totally unacceptable, and frankly, it is maddening,” Inslee says.

Hey, why should anyone be complaining? It takes time to fix software problems. And the work is hard! In fact, we should be grateful these government employees are now working to fix it.


One comment

  • Steve

    These stories always make me see red.

    Why? Because I know for a certainty that NO ONE will even lose their job, let alone be charged with a crime and go to jail for their actions (or in this case, willful lack of action..)

    At most, AT MOST, one or two government hacks will be asked to resign, there will be a big news story about how they are being fired, yet they will end up in another government job a few months later and of course keep their pensions and nice vacation home on the ocean.

    This is why Trump is doing so well. People are pissed off at a broken system and don’t trust ANY politician from EITHER side to do the right thing.

    I will start to believe that there may be hope when people start going to jail again.

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