Why Obamacare is different.

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Why Obamacare is different.

The essay here is focused on what makes Obamacare politically different — and quite deadly for its supporters.



  • Cotour

    I agree to a certain point with this essay, a friend of mine, because he just lost his job and has no health insurance is NOW paying attention to what Obamacare is all about. After I have been talking (ranting) about it for the past several years. That being said, even though he is without insurance he is still not drawn to vote for or become a Republican because of it.

    The Republican party has a major image and philosophical problem and G.Bush jr. and HIS violations of the Constitution still is the icon that represents it. Self interest is a powerful driver of change but it has to be change with a purpose, not change for changes sake. B. Obama being president is the equal and opposite push back to G.Bush jr. and his abuses of power. And the Dems / liberals / socialists are making as much of their position of power as they can for as long as they can. As an example I site the Senate rule change that happened today. They want to load as many liberal judges into place before they loose power. That’s just smart strategy, they know its all about to blow up.

    The true and only hope for the Republican party IMO is if the old and entrenched career politicians are retired and replaced with the new blood of Constitutionally based people with the ability to communicate precisely their agenda and the actions that they will be taking to drive us back to Constitutional operation.

  • Orion314

    Your last paragraph is a nice hope to be wished for, except, history teachs that the problems with our government are so deeply/systematically entrenched, that nothing short of a full scale revolution will change that, In a corrupt system , voting wil not fix the problem. Bad/evil/pschotic leaders do not willingly give up power, they must be removed by force. The historical list is long with such examples….

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