Why the Jews are the canary in the coal mine

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This is a long article, but deeply thoughtful and well researched. Take the time to read it. It documents why the Jewish people have always been the target of tyrants. The reason is not what you think, ethnic hatred.

The Jews are like the canary in the coal mine, not because the Jews, like the canary, succumb to the poison before everyone else. It is because the enemies of liberty know that all humanism, all doctrines of liberty and sanctity of human life in Western Civilization come from the Jews; from Jewish sources and from Jewish thinkers. In order to put those ideas to rest, they have to eliminate the Jewish roots, the Jewish frames of reference and the Jews, whose very presence is a reminder that people have the God-given right to live in freedom and equality. The goal of Jew-bashing is the destruction of everyone’s freedom, and that is why everyone should take warning.

The author correctly documents this conclusion. And anyone who has spent any time reading the Old Testament of the Bible will also know that he is correct.



  • Jwing

    I have never read such a clear explanation of the impact of the Jewish wisdom and teachings and the continual attempts to suppress its truth.
    Thanks, Robert.

  • DougSpace

    I lack knowledge about this matter but might Jewish distinctiveness / cultural separateness coupled with a culture of achievement cause the rest of the culture to view them as essentially foreigners in their midst whose success stands as a rebuke to the culture thereby making them easy targets for any tyrant wanting to play the popular nationalism card?

  • pzatchok

    I was thinking the same thing earlier today.

    Being a minority in almost everyplace they have ever been tends to place a target for any reason anyone can think of.
    Their cultural tendencies and religious demands tend to place them separate from those around them. Add that an understandable distrust of outsiders and they tend to stay closed up and don’t often invite non Jews into their lives.

    I was also thinking that a new group of people is acting in a very similar way.
    They have their own music.
    Their own language.
    Sticking to their own neighborhoods.
    They are further separating themselves from those around them by adopting new made up names because their old names are connected to those other people they want to be separate from.
    Insisting on new holidays separate from everyone else’s.

    Will they end up being treated much the same as Jews in unfriendly nations are?

  • Yes, your analysis is correct, but it does not go far enough. The article, which will help fill your lack of knowledge (which makes it well worth your read), provides a much deeper analysis.

    Note that though I am quite secular, I have a pretty good knowledge of basic Jewish philosophy, as expressed in the Old Testament. And though I have always understood its fundamental attachment to the concept of individual freedom and personal responsibility, it wasn’t until I read this article that I realized its specific significance to western civilization, which in turn explains why tyrants hate it so much.

  • Greg Jones

    Thanks, Bob. I am Jewish, completely secular, and hard-core Wealth of Nations / Federalist Papers / founding American documents. This article filled in a lot of blanks for me. Now, Prof. Golbert implies that Jews will always oppose tyranny, and by extension, talk of a ” . . . Light Unto the nations.” Then what of

    Barbara Streisand

    senior Obama advisor David Axelrod

    Wendy Sherman, who helped engineer a nuclear North Korea and an imminent nuclear Iran

    California senator Dianne Feinstein, who thinks highly of the Iran nuclear agreement

    and others.

    It looks like these examples have a common theme: they essentially support, directly and indirectly, the very tyrannies that Prof. Golbert says they would culturally, historically, and theologically oppose. These examples are not stupid people. They should know better.

  • Be aware that every example you cite is an individual who claims to be Jewish “culturally” but not religiously. They would all call themselves secular. What makes them different from you and I is that they have chosen as their political preference leftwing fascism, which is entirely hostile to Jewish law and, we now learn from Obama, Israel itself.

    I have lived with cultural leftwing Jews my whole life. I am sure you have as well. They generally know nothing of their religion, or its intellectual roots in the Old Testament, an ignorance that is sometimes appalling.

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