Buddy Rich – Impossible Drum Solo

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An evening pause:



  • Chris Kirkendall

    WOW – pretty darned amazing ! ! He’s playing all this in a suit & tie, and I happen to know drummers can really work up quite a sweat, even shirtless ! Plus, he’s not all that young here (I wonder when this video was made?).

    I have a drummer friend who idolized Buddy Rich & became an excellent drummer himself, mostly playing Rock, but he could do some of the complex jazz stuff as well. In his late teens, he went to see Rich perform, as he was coming out of the Men’s room, he ran into him, stuck out his hand & said “Mr. Rich, I’m a drummer too & just wanted to tell you you’re the best ever”, at which point Buddy wouldn’t shake his hand, instead said “Did you wash your hands, kid?” & turned & walked away.Heard many stories about his massive ego, but I guess if you can play like that, it might be somewhat forgiveable. Great video, though – just amazing…

  • big nate

    Buddy was 65.

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