Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket

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<An eveing pause: I have to admit that I almost didn’t schedule this, since I don’t particularly like the song. However, that’s my taste, and besides, the trumpet player makes up for it.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • wayne

    Excellent suggestion Edward! Thanks.
    >Totally forget about these guys, they had 3-4 tunes that were pretty good, and in that same stylized lyrical-construction.

  • Cotour

    How about an 82 year old retired aerospace engineer / Navy pilot who fixed the Hubble space telescope singing really hard head banging rock. Does anyone here know this guy?

  • wayne

    HAR! Starts out great… but he can’t sing! (I can’t sing either, so not being critical.)
    If however, he’s doing an Andy Warhol-esque caricature of himself, as the 82 year old retired aerospace engineer doing Drowning Pool cover’s, then he’s definitely onto something!

  • Cotour

    He seemed appropriate to Behind The Black.

  • Calvin Dodge

    To me the best thing about this song is that it was used as the theme tune for “Chuck”. It also provided some of the inspiration for “Close, But No Cigar”.

  • I like this song a lot, but the sound on the clip is terrible. Either that’s a horrible venue, or these guys benefit much from sound production: the song is much better on the album (and in airplay). To me the song evokes imagination. I’ve imagined the girl’s name is Cheryl: Karen doesn’t seem to quite cover it. Short skirt; long jacket.

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