Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna (Requiem for a Dream)

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An evening pause: I normally don’t post performances recorded by only one camera, as the visuals can get boring. This performance, however, is an exception definitely worth viewing.



  • Peter Francis

    This theme-song is becoming ubiquitous, but this particular performance strips all layers of previous cultural perception and demands that your ear dictate. Thank you, Mr. Zimmerman.

  • Theme song? What is this a theme song for? I am totally unaware of this.

  • m d mill

    Repetition is the hallmark of mediocrity. “New age” piano practitioners, almost without exception, are purveyors of the most god awful derivative dreck [that may not be a true word , but seems to fit perfectly].
    To think we have gone from Chopin to this…

  • Edward

    Robert, I found this write-up on Wikipedia. It seems that it is from a movie and has been used elsewhere, too.

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