Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence

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An evening pause: One of the best performances I have ever seen of Paul Simon’s beautifully poetic song.

Hat tip Diane Zimmerman



  • Wayne

    Right on Mr. Z! >Excellent version.

    (the “official” studio music-video release is pretty good & has over 60 million views.)

  • I’d thought you’d posted this before. Nevertheless, well worth listening to. In my opinion, THE best version of the song. Simon & Garfunkel were master songwriters, but this gentleman brings range and phrasing to the song. And he does it sitting down.

  • eddie willers

    I couldn’t even finish it. Too much grunting in a lame attempt to add “soul”. Give me the original anytime.

  • David Draiman isn’t attempting to add ‘soul’: he’s bringing emotion. Similar but not the same. I’ve been to churches where one preacher explains The Word; another brings it. Quite different impacts. I would pay money to see this man do ‘The Boxer’.

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