It’s the Beatles

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An evening pause: Broadcast on December 7, 1963 by the BBC, this excerpt from the 30 minute television show before 2,500 members of The Beatles’ Northern Area Fan Club gives us a glimpse into the craziness that heralded the Beatles arrival on the world scene. The clip includes the last third of the show.

Why do these teenage girls remind me of modern voters attending rallies for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders?

Hat tip Rocco.



  • A. Feit

    I was at Carnegie hall the day the Beatles appeared in 1964. My mother had taken my brother and myself to a concert that afternoon. I was 9 and my brother 7. My brother got rowdy and we got dragged out of the concert early. Exiting the building, we were faced with throngs of screaming, gushing, girls. The streets were literally packed with them. If I hadn’t been witness to that I would never have believed it.

  • Wayne

    A. Feit:
    Great story!

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