Jonathan Edwards – Sunshine (Go Away Today)

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An evening pause:

How much does it cost, I’ll buy it.
The time is all we’ve lost, I’ll try it.
But he can’t even run his own life
I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine.

The irony of this song is that it was written during the Vietnam War as a protest against the war and the draft. Today, most of the same anti-war protesters that sung it then, now want that same government to run our lives, even though it can’t run its own.



  • joe

    These same people that spat upon Vietnam vets, I think I will call this the selfish generation!

  • Garry

    You see, now that their people have taken over the government, schools, etc., government is cool and would never do anything uncool to anyone! The problem wasn’t the government, it was the kind of people who were in the government. Thank goodness that all THOSE people are gone, and the good-hearted people have all taken over.

  • proggy

    What earth do you live on Garry you drongo………..?? or are you being facetious ….?? It’s called social engineering if I’m not mistaken….

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