Judy Garland – Somewhere over the rainbow

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An evening pause: I posted this performance back on November 23, 2010, had forgotten, and found it again by accident. It bears another viewing. As noted at the youtube link,

Judy Garland only performed “Over The Rainbow” twice during her many television appearances, which spanned 14 years. She performed it on her first TV Special, “Ford Star Jubilee” in the episode called “The Judy Garland Special” in 1955, and sang it to her children on The Christmas Edition of her weekly TV show “The Judy Garland Show” (1963).

Here Judy is dressed up [in the first special] as the tramp character she played when doing a duet with Fred Astaire in the film ‘Easter Parade’.

Watch. It shows why she was both a great singer and a great actress.



  • tps

    Thanks for posting this, Bob. This is the one song that never fails, ever, to bring tears to my eyes. It hits on all the heart strings, and no one has ever performed it better than Judy Garland.

    Here, for those who have never heard it, is a rock instrumental by guitar virtuoso Chris Impellitteri that will send chills down your back–especially when you appreciate the struggle between good and evil (2:28 and beyond) being played out in the bass cleft while the solo towers above the turmoil like an angel.


  • Charles Ellis

    I actually have the original acetate of the songs Judy recorded for this broadcast..the label is typewritten and dated 9-12-1955…the “live” show was broadcast 9-24-1955…so many of the songs were actually pre-recorded..including “over the rainbow” The acetate is of the songs only..with judy only…not like on the show, where many of the songs included others and back-ups…so the recording quality is much clearer and stronger..
    just my “two cents” Charles

  • I am curious: How did you obtain the originals? I would think they are very valuable, and might even be something that could be published for resale to the public.

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