Judy Garland – The Man That Got Away

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An evening pause: From A Star is Born (1954).

Hat tip Edward Thelen.

As always, I am open to evening pause suggestions from my readers. If you have one, say so here in a comment, but don’t post the link. I will email you to get it.



  • Have we emailed before? I somehow wound up at a link to your book on the history of the Hubble. My father ran a project with Chrysler in the late 60s to design (with Lou Epstein) a telescope suitable for orbiting. Made the cover of Sky and Telescope in 66, 67, or 68 (can’t remember when). When I was thinking of majors in college, it was Epstein who said not to major in astronomy, but rather math and physics, and do astronomy in grad school. I never got out of math until I then moved to computer science.

  • Max

    I have one for you that always puts a smile on my face when I watch it.

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