Leningrad Cowboys & the Red Army Choir – Sweet Home Alabama

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An evening pause: I can think of nothing more appropriate to begin the new year with than this performance. Nothing.

Hat tip hondo.

By the way, with the New Year I am in desperate need of more Evening Pause suggestions. If you’ve sent me suggestions in the past, you know the email address. If not, post a comment here saying that you have a suggestion (without mentioning what it is) and I will email you for it.



  • Jwing

    The response to the future is bright and “When pigs fly….”
    Never give up hope…who’d of thunk we’d be watching this in 2016 back in 1986?

  • That was . . . awesome. Somewhere Ronnie Van Zant is grinning, because ‘Sweet Home Kyrzygstan’ doesn’t have the same ring.

  • danae

    Now there’s a real picker-upper! Love the shoes, the hair, and the good ‘ol boys from Russia.

  • mpthompson

    Awesome… Good music knows no boundaries.

    Think we’ll ever see such a performance broadcast from Tehran…

  • Kyle

    Mr. Zimmerman, if you liked that I have a suggestion for a possible future evening pause.

  • Michael

    Mr Zimmerman

    I also have a suggestion for a possible future evening pause.

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