Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan – El Pastor

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An evening pause: The solo is by Arturo Vargas. Mariachi Vargas is accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Querétaro.

Hat tip Jim Mallamace. The lyrics, in English and Spanish, are below the fold. It is definitely worthwhile to read them during the song.

Lyrics in English:

The shepherd goes with his flock
At the break of dawn
Going down through the path
From the mountains to the meadow.

He goes mumbling his complaints
With his little flute of reed-grass,
Followed by his sheep
As if it were a spell.

The little flute…
Of the shepherd…
Ay, ay, ay….
Sings this way…

The shepherd is going back,
Since the sun is hiding
He is going up through the slope
To keep watch over his flock.

With his flute he goes calling
One by one his sheep
And he is communicating to them
His joys and his sorrows.

The little flute…
Of the shepherd…
Ay, ay, ay…
Sings this way…

Lyrics in Spanish:

Va el pastor con su rebaño
Al despuntar la mañana,
Bajando por el sendero
De la sierra a la pradera.

Va musitando sus quejas
Con su flautín de carrizo,
Seguido por sus ovejas
Como si fuera un hechizo.

El flautín…
Del pastor…
Ay, ay, ay…
Canta así…

El pastor ya va de vuelta,
Pues el sol se está ocultando,
Va subiendo por la cuesta
Para guardar su rebaño.

Con su flautín va llamando
Una a una sus ovejas
Y les va comunicando
Sus goces y sus tristezas.

El flautín…
Del pastor…
Ay, ay, ay…
Canta así…


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