Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town

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An evening pause: I usually dislike most music videos because of their cliches and fakery, preferring live performances instead. However, this 1967 Nancy Sinatra music video, from the very early days of such things, is so simple it doesn’t bother me that much. In a sense, it even highlights the music.

Hat tip t-dub.



  • PeterF

    This was produced for her 1967 TV special Movin’ with Nancy. That was waaaay before MTV or any home video. Although I suppose you could have gotten a 16mm copy, but it would have had a hefty premium attached.

  • wayne

    Thanks for that factoid on Nancy. I’m going to locate that “Movin’ with Nancy.”
    (Do you remember when MTV, actually played music?)

    Referencing “music video,” the folks at Archive (dot) org, have a good dozen of what were called “soundies,” at the time. (late ’40’s)

    Thelma White and Her All Girl Orchestra
    “Shoo Shoo Ya Mama,” 1946
    (misidentified at YouTube)

  • Wayne: Why do you keep sending these great videos out in comments, rather than emailing me your suggestions so I can schedule them as an evening pause? They would be seen by more people as a pause, rather than buried in a comment.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.
    Plenty of good-stuff still left to suggest!

    Tangentially–Thelma White– interesting career. She developed some sort of polio-related illness in the late 40’s that knocked her out for 5 years, then she became a successful Hollywood Agent. Largely forgotten in the public eye, she enjoyed somewhat of a cult-status revival after they dusted off “Reefer Madness” in the early 1970’s– she played the character “Mae.” (One might recognize her as well, from the Bowery Boy’s movies in the early 40’s.)

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