One Year on Earth – Seen From 1 Million Miles

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An evening pause: This video release from NASA made the rounds a few weeks ago. It isn’t news, but it is cool. One important fact noted during this video is that the Earth’s cloud cover both warms and cools the planet. What wasn’t noted was that there is gigantic uncertainty about how much the clouds warm and cool, which is one of the main reasons no climate models have been even close to successfully predicting the climate.

Hat tip Wayne DeVette.



  • Don Major

    After watching this 2 or 3 times, it’s very obvious that in most of the rotations there are *no* clouds over the Sahara, leaving Africa easily recognizable. It looks like Australia comes in 2nd, in paucity of clouds.

    Nice “Evening Pause”.

  • Federico Hernandez

    Science screams the presence of God

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