The first powered flight

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An evening pause: Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk. How about a compliation of movie clips showing the Wright Brothers themselves in the air.

Hat tip Tom Biggar.



  • Joe

    From flying a fancy box kite to flying a rocket to the moon and back, I think those two bicycle mechanics had an idea of what they had achieved! Creating wind tunnels to test theory and airfoil shapes goes well beyond rudimentary skills required to make and repair two wheelers!

  • Bill R

    Thanks to these guys, I have enjoyed a wonderful career of 28,000 hours flying time with both a major airline and a military career of 20 years single seat fighter time in the A-7 and F-16.

    My hero’s !

  • Jwing

    Amazing…within the span of seven decades, the US went from the first powered/controlled manned flight to ultimately landing a man on the moon and returning safely to earth. Since landing on the moon, almost five decades have past and we can only note NASA doing pc islamic outreach and advancing the global warming adgenda. Pathetic!

    Hopefully….things will begin to change and we will return to thinking YUGE and doing YUGE things AGAIN.

  • Cotour

    Bill R:

    The F-16 must be the ultimate ride, two thumbs up to you. (Not that the A-7 is a slouch)

  • It is near-impossible to overstate the Wright’s achievement; and visiting Kitty Hawk is sublime. I’ve written several airlines about making 17 Dec ‘Bikes Fly Free’ day, but so far no takers.

  • Alex

    Unbelievable how fast aviation evolved in early years, not to compared to space flight. Whereas, a few, not specialized men (bicycle designer) were enough to design, build and operate first airplanes, it required in contrast the most powerful and advanced governments to achieve same in case of space flight.

  • Alex

    Jwing: I support your message by every word.

  • Frank

    I’ve read a number of books on their journey to powered flight–all good reads. I encourage everyone to learn more about the Wright’s and their American story of experimentation and achievement.

  • Edward

    Jwing wrote: “Since landing on the moon, almost five decades have past and we can only note NASA doing pc islamic outreach and advancing the global warming adgenda. Pathetic!

    But then, what should we expect from a presidential administration that has left (to paraphrase Dr. Paul D. Spudis) an abundance of confusion in America’s space program?

    A century after a couple of bicycle shopkeepers were able to invent an airplane, free from government intervention, we see rocket and spacecraft makers pondering the next regulation changes to their own inventions. Worse, the government keeps talking about changing regulatory bodies from the current agencies to other agencies, meaning that a whole new set of people will want to mark their own, new, regulatory territories (if you aren’t picturing them peeing all over the manufacturers and operators, I communicated poorly).

    But I gripe when I should celebrate the day.

    Bill R’s sentiment is best: “My hero’s!

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