The Pretenders — I’ ll Stand By You

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An evening pause: Though the song was made a big hit I think by Carrie Underwood, here we see it performed by the creators.

Hat tip to Matt in AZ, who clued me in to this group.



  • wayne

    Matt in AZ:
    Good call! Remember them well!

    “Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders”— lots o-good-stuff from the 1980’s!
    They were very popular in the Midwest at the time. (She’s a Midwest Hippy-Girl, from Ohio, I think it is(?) –educated & talented, a “free-spirit.”)
    Saw them in Detroit & Chicago. They definitely have a few gems that deserve nominating for evening-pauseship.

    Not that many Rock bands at the time, with a strong female lead. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, comes to mind in that general genre. (I’m sure others are far more well versed in musical-history, than I.)

    They had their own unique sound. Disco was crashing-n-burning, Rock was teetering, British & American Punk was still “counter-culture,” but breaking into the mainstream.

  • Wayne

    Thanks for reminding me! That’s a good story. (“when they say ‘talk-radio’…they mean Rush…”)
    –It’s a damn shame, she is & was, such a political Whack-Job!

    Mark Levin uses Linkin’ Park, which drives them nuts to no end. (but you can be sure…they cash their royalty checks like clock-work.)

  • PeterF

    The first albums I ever bought for full price were the one by The pretenders and one by David Bowie.

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