Using Roman tactics to quell riots

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An evening pause: The following was a drill by South Korean police to practice the techniques they use to control demonstrations and riots. Anyone who knows anything about Roman military tactics will instantly recognize what they are doing.

While this is not a real world situation, in an actual riot these techniques are certainly going to be effective. They also illustrate who is the civilized side in these disturbances.

Hat tip Rocco.



  • Steve C

    Nice half-time show. Issue some spathas and it’ll go faster.

  • Cotour

    They may need them if what this guy says is true.

    Rolf Witzsche, lays out the science of the coming global cooling / ice age, if you can, make time to watch this video.

    This ties in with the monitoring of the diminishing solar sun spots and solar activity.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    What? No gladius or pilum?

  • pzatchok

    Good thing this was just practice.

    The rioters could have easily swarmed the sides, if they had more people. The cops out numbered them 2to1.

    And the cops left the front rank a bit thin.

    But it did look like good cadet practice.

  • wodun

    That was pretty impressive. Maybe they should hold the next G20 there. Reminds me of the time OWS tried this with plastic trash cans they cut in half. As you might imagine, their line didn’t hold.

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