Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe

An evening pause: This performance, from 1987, has some important historical background. As noted on the youtube page,

In November of 1987, Sonny Bono was running for mayor of Palm Springs and Cher was promoting her upcoming movie Moonstruck. The divorced couple went on Letterman together and were coaxed into playing ‘I Got You, Babe’ with Paul Shaffer and his band; they weren’t exactly the best of friends at this point, but both of them knew it would make for unforgettable television. Had YouTube existed back then, this would have gone insanely viral the next morning. It wound up being the final time they ever sang together, as Bono passed away in January 1998.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record break in Snooker

An evening pause: Hat tip Phill Oltmann, who has tried several times to explain Snooker to me and failed. The game however appears to be a variation of the U.S. pool game hi-low, though maybe more complicated.

The point is that in the video below, O’Sullivan starts the game and proceeds to clear the table, and he does it in less than six minutes, the fastest time ever. It is amazing to watch.

Rob Paravonian – Pachelbel Rant

An evening pause: Pachelbel’s Canon in D is one of the most beautiful short pieces of music ever written, which of course is why it has been an evening pause a half dozen times before. I’ve posted a version of musicians jamming it at 3 am when they have nothing better to do, singing it a capella in a stairway, spectacularly on a guitar, as heavy metal, by a chicken (you have to watch it to understand), and played as a tango, bluegrass, gypsy, and practically any musical style you can imagine.

The rant below gives us the perspective of someone who has played the piece, and it is a perspective that might surprise you. After watching it enjoy all the other versions above, but above all make sure you watch the last one. You will then understand best what the cello player is thinking.

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