Bridge Day rappel

An evening pause: Bridge Day 2011: An 800+ foot rappel from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. The event is held each fall, when they close the bridge to vehicles so pedestrians, base jumpers, and rappellers can enjoy it. I’ve done this rappel four times, twice as part of the safety team.

On the clip below, the rappel itself begins at 3:40. As this was this guy’s first rappel on the bridge, he takes it very slow, which is okay as it gives him time to enjoy the view.

Obamacare: 2011 in review

The disaster of Obamacare: 2011 in review.

The Daily Caller does an excellent job reviewing the key events during 2011 relating to Obamacare. In toto what this history tells me is that this law continues to be serious political problem for Democrats: the law isn’t doing what it was touted to do while doing serious harm to both the economy and the healthcare industry, the public hates it and wants it repealed, and everyone knows that it was the Democrats who forced it on us.

FBI sees drop in violent and property crimes in every region of the U.S.

Some good news: The FBI is reporting a drop in violent and property crimes in every region of the U.S for the first half of 2011.

As the report above notes, this drop has occurred during “tough economic times,” illustrating once again that the leftwing claim that “tough economic times” causes violence and crime is dead wrong. If a society knows the difference between right and wrong while respecting property rights, poverty by itself will not lead to crime. What will lead to crime is a rejection of these values, which not only promotes bad behavior (stealing and violence) but also leads to more poverty and the collapse of society.

With this in mind it is therefore interesting to reflect on many of the actions and ideas of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Is this what we really want for America?