Today^s blacklisted American: Volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago fired for being mostly white

Discriminated against in Chicago
Discriminated against by the Art Institute of Chicago.

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) has fired all 122 of its unpaid volunteer docents because they happen to be mostly white.

Many of the volunteers—though not all—are older white women, who have the time and resources to devote so much free labor to the Museum [average length of service 15 years]. But the demographics of that group weren’t appealing to the AIC, and so, in late September, the AIC fired all of them, saying they’d be replaced by smaller number of hired volunteers workers who will be paid $25 an hour. That group will surely meet the envisioned diversity goals. [emphasis mine]

Let me translate the highlighted words more honestly and accurately:
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