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More new robots from Boston Dynamics

The video at the link shows off SpotMini, of video of which I posted previously. However, the first robot shown is one they have named Handle and is something they admit could be “nightmare-inducing.” It walks upright on two legs, but instead of feetpods it has wheels, giving it the ability to move very fast. And for some reason, they put its arms on backwards so that the elbows bend inward instead of outward.

Watch the video. The robot design work here is truly breath-taking.


Another Boston Dynamics robot video

This video showcases smaller robots that are distinctly less frightening that their earlier design.

I truly do question the usefulness of this robot in the house. However, its ability to maneuver and do some quite complicated tasks makes me immediately think this should be a rover we send to the Moon, Mars, Europa, and beyond.