Claire Crosby – Can’t Help Falling In Love

An evening pause: A wonderful cover of one of Elvis Presley’s most beautiful songs. From the comments: “Elvis Presley looking down from heaven with tears in his eyes and his hand on his heart.”

Hat tip Tom Biggar, who wrote, “This is why we need to fight for our freedom – for them.”

I personally pray that she will be free, and that we will have the guts to make sure that happens.

Cam – Can’t Help Falling In Love

An evening pause: I’ve posted the original version by Elvis Presley from the movie Blue Hawaii (1961) back in 2013, but this live version,live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on January 8, 2016, is definitely worth seeing. She dedicated the song to her fiancé, Adam Weaver, and during the performance it is obvious that she is singing directly to him in the audience.

I also dare you to watch it without singing along.

Hat tip Edward Thelen from reminding me that this song needs a revisit.