Pushback: Woman sues Antifa member for falsely saying she had criminal record

Today's modern witch hunt
A witch hunt: What Antifa considers reasonable political discourse.

Fight back twice as hard: Because Robin Patch attended a protest where she reported accurately the violence of Antifa, Antifa member Chad Loder responded by falsely slandering Patch on Twitter, falsely claiming she had a criminal record for “burglary + vandalism.”

Patch is now suing Loder in small claims court for $5,000.

In Patch’s lawsuit, she explicitly denies Loder’s claims that she is a criminal convict and has been on probation. “This is 100% false,” Patch wrote in the small claims complaint. “I have never had any criminal convictions, nor have I ever been on probation.” Patch wrote in the complaint that Loder blocked her on Twitter so that she could not directly respond to his posts.

“Mr. Loder made two consecutive tweets about me on July 8, 2021, which included personal information such as my (former) place of employment, home city, Instagram posts, LinkedIn profile and results from an outdated background check.”

According to her complaint, Loder’s slanders on Twitter caused her to lose a job.

The evidence clearly shows who is the real criminal here.
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