Issue with comments…

To all my readers, there appears to be a new issue with the comments filter that is tossing some perfectly legitimate comments into the spam folder. If you post and you see your comment disappear, please do not post it again. I will eventually check the spam folder and get it restored.

My web guy tells me this is an ongoing problem, and there isn’t much that can be done but to go to the Akismet site and complain. I will do this, but I expect that this problem will linger for the next few weeks. It appears that if I approve comments as “not spam,” eventually Akismet will begin to recognize this and will adjust.

Comments restored

The software problem with nested comments forced me to disable nested comments last week. Unfortunately, it appears that act made it impossible for many to comment at all. Shane Rollin of Amixa has looked into it and adjusted things so that comments should once again be possible, though nested comments remain disabled.

So, if you wanted to comment earlier you can now. Go for it!

Comments down

On arrival in Israel I have discovered that the comments feature on Behind the Black is not working. No one can post comments. This failure began when I update the ReCaptcha anti-spam feature earlier this week.

Shane of amixa is working on it and, if I know Shane, should have it fixed momentarily.

Comments again

Just want to let my readers know that I will be out of town, caving in the mountains southeast of Tucson this weekend, out of range of the internet.

Because the comments presently need to be manually approved by me because the spam filter is still not working, no comments further will be approved until Sunday evening. If you post, be patient, your comment will appear then.

Comments continued

The problem with spam in the comments continues. In order to gain some control over the situation until we can get the spam filter working again, I have changed the settings so that comments on every post close after 14 days. While this might force the end to any discussion prematurely, it also reduces significantly the posts to which spam can be sent. This in turn makes it easier for me to approve the legitimate posts while deleting the spam.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I still hope to have things fixed soon.

Comment problem

The comment problem continues. I am sorry to say that even our temporary solution, where previously approved commenters would continue to be able to post, has not worked. At the moment I am periodically scanning the unapproved comments, most of which are spam, and manually approving valid comments as I find them. Please accept the possibility that if your comment has not yet appeared, it will do so eventually, but it might take a couple of days for this to happen. The good news is that new commenters will be able to post, though it will take time to get approved.

I apologize for this problem. Hopefully all will fixed in a couple of days.

Problem with comments

A note to my readers, especially to those who like to comment: We are having a problem with our spam filter. In order to prevent the posting of vast numbers of spam comments, we have blocked all comments from anyone who has not previously had a comment approved. This means that new commenters might not get their comments up on the webpage until we get this issue resolved.

I apologize for this. I really like to see new people writing comments here. I will post an announcement when the problem is fixed.