Leftist thugs harass conservative black woman and white man eating lunch

They’re coming for you next: Two of the leaders of the conservative Turning Point USA, Candace Owen and Charlie Kirk, were harassed today in Philadelphia by leftist antifa protesters, with one throwing a liquid on Kirk.

Police were required to prevent the protesters from getting violent.

It must be noted the Owens is black and Kirk is white. It appears that the leftists have a problem with them eating together. In fact, somehow this black activist is in favor of “white supremacy” according to these protesters.

This has only just begun. Should the Democrats make gains in the November elections, expect them to throw a great deal of financial support to these thugs, empowering them to do more violence against anyone who dissents from the leftist Democratic power structure.

Democrats work to abolish 2nd amendment merely because the FBI suspects you

Fascists: Senate Democrats are teaming up with a handful of Republicans to re-introduce a bill that would allow the federal government to instantly suspend the second amendment constitutional rights of anyone the FBI happens to declare a suspect.

If the FBI believes there’s a reasonable chance someone is going to use a gun in a terrorist attack, it should be able to make that determination and block the sale,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told a conference call on Monday.

No due process, no conviction, no actual evidence of wrong-doing is needed. Though the law tries to define what the FBI’s determinations should be based on, all the FBI and the federal government would really have to do is declare you a suspect. In other words, if they don’t like you — for example you happen to be a member of a tea party group that opposes Barack Obama, or you happen to be an Occupy Wall Street protester who opposes Donald Trump — they can cancel your second amendment rights and bar you from owning guns.