New tests prove EM drive doesn’t work

Two different alternative concepts that proposed methods for creating thrust in space but defied known physics have both been found wanting in new stringent experiments.

The EM drive especially came off badly. Apparently the tiny residual force that remains after building the experiment rigorously and with care is caused not by the EM drive but by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Readers of Behind the Black know that I am a strong skeptic when it comes to flashy new discoveries, whether they are made by famous and well known cosmologists or some guys in their garage. To me, what matters is the data, and its reliability and robustness. The EM drive never passed the smell test. Good science experimentation has now proven this.

Why cold fusion and NASA’s EM Drive are most likely frauds

Link here. The writer does a nice job of explaining why impossible engines that appear to defy basic laws of physics are almost certainly incapable of doing what they promise, and are likely frauds.

An extraordinary result has to come with extraordinary evidence. When someone claims they have come up with something that can do something that engineers have been unable to do for centuries — since the very beginnings of the Industrial Age — I get very very suspicious, especially when their evidence is scanty and their data is not open for study.