Threats and violence against dissent at university

Fascists: A white professor as well as numerous students who came to his defense have been physically threatened by mobs at Evergreen State University, demanding their removal from the college.

The protest apparently got so out of hand that Professor Weinstein reported on Twitter that the police had warned him that he would not be “safe on campus” because they could not protect him. “To be clear: the police told me I am not safe on campus. They cannot protect me. Students in jeopardy. No contact from admin,” Weinstein wrote.

In another tweet, he alleged that students defending him have been “singled out” and threatened, posting a screenshot of an individual who claimed to have the “names and faces of students in Bret’s class” so that other can “see these faces for your own safety.”

Meanwhile, The Olympian reports that hundreds of students participated in the protest, which was also partly inspired by “anti-black comments on social media.” According to a blog post on Liberty Hangout, student Kai-Avé Douvia became “public enemy number one” on campus after he responded to a post from a peer advocating for the creation of a class specifically for “black/brown people” to study multiculturalism.

In his response, Douvia had experimentally reworded the post to replace “black/brown” with “white” in an effort to demonstrate the post’s racist nature, sparking a backlash on social media that eventually escalated to public shaming and threats from classmates. “Rather than respectfully responding and having civil discourse, I was then threatened and/or insulted by many so called ‘inclusive activists,’ leading to me to contact the police for protection,” Douvia writes in his blog on the matter. “This highlights a massive issue–the left is now mobilizing against itself to push its overused rhetoric on every free thinker, and if you disagree well, welcome to being every ‘-ist’ in the book.”

Everyone realizes that these thugs are not going to be punished for their fascist behavior. Consider the university’s mealy-mouthed response:

“It’s been an intense and useful conversation with a group of students,” spokesperson Zach Powers told The Olympian. “The college is working with the group to address their issues. This type of conversation is being replicated across the country right now. We remain committed to providing a great education to all students.”

These mobs could kill someone and the university administration might finally gasp in horror. It still wouldn’t do anything, however.

What no one is realizing is that these thugs are going to graduate from this university and move into the political arena, armed and willing to use their jackbooted fascist tactics wherever they can. The future does not look good.