Gilad Shalit released for 1000 Palestinians

Gilad Shalit has been released for 1000 Palestinians convicted prisoners. And who were these Palestinians? Some examples:

They include the perpetrators of some of the most ghastly terrorist attacks of recent years: Brutal killers like Abd al-Aziz Salehi, who gleefully displayed his blood-soaked hands to a cheering Ramallah crowd in 2000 after lynching two Israelis and mutilating their bodies. Like Ibrahim Yunis, mastermind of a 2003 cafe bombing that left seven innocents dead, including an American-born doctor and his 20-year-old daughter on the eve of her wedding. Like Ahlam Tamimi, a Palestinian television personality who boasts of her role in organizing the 2001 bombing of a pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem, in which 15 people were killed, seven of them children.