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Charles Mokotoff – Bach: Sheep may safely graze

An evening pause: Performed live November 13, 2010 in Springfield, Virginia. The aria might be one of Bach’s most beautiful, but the playing here is astonishing. Watch his fingers.

I also like the deeper meaning of the title: It is what we all should strive for: allowing people to live their lives in peace and joy.


Alvino Rey – St. Louis Blues

An evening pause: From the youtube webpage:

Alvino Rey is as important to the development of the electric guitar as Les Paul was, but has been criminally uncredited for it–until now. More and more photos, recordings and film clips like these are coming out of the woodwork to show what a genius Alvino was.

This film clip is from 1944 and shows Alvino demonstrating not only his amazing work on the steel guitar, but also his “singing guitar” effect, similar to the Sonovox, manifested in the persona of “Stringy” the talking guitar puppet! Enjoy this and whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE ACID BEFORE VIEWING….we warned you….