McIntyre finds more fraud by Mann and Jones

Hide the decline: Steve McIntyre has found more fraud by Mann and Jones. Key quote:

It’s therefore evident that they had, at one time, plotted the Science 1999 spaghetti graph showing data before 1550, but elected to delete the pre-1550 data as well as the post-1960 data.

If you look at the graph on Steve’s webpage,, you will see why. The data clearly shows that the tree ring data they used in their Science paper was basically useless as a proxy for estimating past climate temperatures. To make it work they eliminated any data that didn’t fit their theories, a action that is completely unacceptable for any scientists.

Moreover, that a journal like Science permitted them to do this suggests strongly that there must be a great deal of corruption there as well.

A real scientist shows why the “hide the decline” crowd are frauds

Below is a video excerpt from a lecture by Richard A. Muller, a scientist at the University of California at Berkeley. He illustrates forcefully and clearly why frauds like Michael Mann, Phil Jones, and anyone who excuses the climategate scandal are not to be trusted with science. Or as he says,

I now have a list of people whose papers I won’t read anymore.

It is imperative that more scientists come forward like this and condemn these guys, as Muller does. Only then, can climate research begin to recover its reputation.