ISIS demands a Jewish genocide

The religion of peace: ISIS supporters are now demanding a new Jewish holocaust.

Facts remain facts. The world of Islam is poor, ignorant, bigoted, violent, and oppressive. Where there is wealth, such as in the Middle East, it is fueled entirely by oil that was found by Western capitalist companies and pumped to the surface using Western-developed technology. Without that help, the oil would still be underground and these Islamic countries would still be poor.

The oppressive nature of Islam, however, remains obvious and widespread. If we are intellectually honest we must ask: Why is that? What is it about Islam that results in this consistent cultural and social failure? An open-minded look at the language of the Koran and the history of this religion will give you a straight-forward answer, and that answer is not a pleasant one.

That the American intellectual community and many American politicians from both parties seem unwilling to take this hard look at Islam says a great deal about their lack of intellectual honesty. It also tells us something about their own attitude towards oppression. Maybe they don’t dislike tyranny that so much.