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Study determines which light bulb type bugs like

Want to not attract annoying bugs? Use warm LEDs!

The research’s amusing discovery is that bug lights, which are designed to not attract bugs and were proved to work very well, had one failing: They did not repel two species, stink bugs and earwigs. Looks like warm LEDs (red or yellow in color) are the thing to get.


Nobel Prize goes to blue LED light inventors

Three scientists share the Nobel physics prize for inventing blue LED lights.

The prize goes jointly to Isamu Akasaki of Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan, Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University in Japan, and Shuji Nakamura of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Starting in the 1990s they produced blue LEDs, an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly source of blue light, which could be mixed with LEDs of other colors to produce what the eye sees as white light. “I am very honored to receive the Nobel Prize from The Royal Swedish Academy of Science for my invention of the blue LED,” said Nakamura in a statement. “It is very satisfying to see that my dream of LED lighting has become a reality. I hope that energy-efficient LED light bulbs will help reduce energy use and lower the cost of lighting worldwide.”