Leftist organization organizes boycotts of many companies for Trump support

Fascists: Merely because someone in the company or the company itself expressed support for a Presidential candidate they do not like, the leftwing organization #GrabYourWallet is demanding a boycott of those companies.

The focus of the article is about the boycott of LL Bean, because one of its 50 co-owners donated to Trump, but this quote reveals the more fascist agenda of this organization:

“#GrabYourWallet” is officially boycotting 39 companies, including Kmart and Macy’s. It advises supporters to “consider” boycotting an additional 22 companies, but advises that another 10 Trump-linked companies (such as bookstores carrying Trump book) should not be boycotted because their association with him is incidental. (Regarding bookstores, #GrabYourWallet adds: “Note: this policy does not necessarily cover bookstores that may choose to feature Ivanka as an author in live events for her upcoming book release / tour. That activity will be evaluated at the time it takes place.”)

Under their rule of tolerance, it is unacceptable for anyone to dissent from their beliefs. If you do, you are evil, a racist, and must be crushed.

Note that the boycotts have nothing to do with the quality of the work of the specific businesses. They are advocating a boycott because of they disagree with the opinions of the companies or of individuals associated with these companies. This distinction is crucial.