China launches two satellites yesterday, one for Macau

China yesterday used its Long March 2C rocket to launch two satellites into orbit, with one the first science satellite by Macau, designed to study the Earth’s magnetic field in conjunction with other satellites already in orbit.

No information that I could find was released about the second satellite. The launch, from China’s interior Jiuquan spaceport, dropped the rocket’s first stage somewhere in China. No word on whether it landed near habitable areas.

The leaders in the 2023 launch race:

34 SpaceX
19 China
6 Russia
4 Rocket Lab (with a launch scheduled for tomorrow)

American private enterprise still leads China 38 to 19 in the national rankings, and the entire world combined 38 to 31. SpaceX by itself now tied trails in total launches with the rest of the world, including American companies, 34 to 35.