May 6, 2022 Zimmerman podcast with Countdown to the Moon

Earlier this week I did a 83 minute podcast with Nathan Price as part of his daily Countdown to the Moon project, whereby he is interviewing a person per day, from all walks of life, to get their perspective on America’s attempt to return to the Moon.

Ideally I would interview strangers who do not have an obvious interest in space. And for about three months I was able to do this. I interviewed people at the mall, on the bus, on the train, at the airport, at the coffee shops, on the streets, in the hotel, and where ever else I could find people. Occasionally I would get tied up with work and not find someone to interview, so I took the opportunity to interview family and friends.

He has interviewed now almost a thousand people, and plans to at least that many before ending the project. You can get a sense of what he has learned so far at the link above..

You can watch my podcast with him here.