Peter, Paul and Mary – Don’t Ever Take Away My Freedom

An evening pause: A nice intro to the weekend as well as a fitting closing to my July fund-raising campaign. Strangely, there are no live performances of this song by Peter, Paul, & Mary available on the web. Could it be that they themselves became uncomfortable with its sentiments in later years, being hardcore leftists? I wonder. Consider the lyrics:

[Third verse]
Now when I’m old and thinking over the life that I’ve led
If there’s one final wish left to me
I will pray for the children yet to be born
I will pray that they will always live free

Don’t ever take away their freedom
Don’t ever take it away
Let us cherish and keep that one part of our lives
And the rest we’re gonna find one of these days

These are not the sentiments of most leftists today. The last thing they want is freedom for all. What they want now are mandates, edicts, rules, regulations, and a boot smashing the face of all humans, forever, in the guise of a muzzle.

Note also that the song opens with Home on the Range, which is how PP&M originally recorded for their album, Peter, Paul, & Mommy Two.