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September 19, 2018 Zimmerman Beyond Reality appearance

If you want to listen to my appearance yesterday on Beyond Reality Radio, the podcast is now available on youtube here, cued to the start of the segment.

This appearance was a real pleasure, because it was very clear the hosts had not only researched things beforehand so they could come up with good questions, they also listened to what I actually said. I hope to appear again on their show.


On the radio + September 18, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

The Batchelor podcast is embedded below the fold in two parts. Meanwhile, I will be on the radio for extended appearances both tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight I make what I think will be my first appearance on Beyond Reality Radio from approximately 12 midnight to 2 am (eastern). Tomorrow I make another one of my long appearances on Coast to Coast from 12 midnight to 2 am (pacific).

Every one of these should be a blast.
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September 4, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

Embedded below the fold, in two parts. The first segment covers two subjects in depth: First, the airleak on the Soyuz capsule on ISS and the consequences for Russia, and second, the controversy over the decision by the filmmakers of the movie First Man to leave out the scene where the astronauts planted the American flag on the Moon. With the second topic I outline my present thoughts about this in detail, something I think my readers might find edifying.
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No Zimmerman/Batchelor podcasts this week

For those who are eager to get their Zimmerman space updates by listening to my regular Tuesday and Thursday podcasts with John Batchelor, I am sorry to say that we likely will not have any this week.

I am suffering from a bad case of bronchitis which does not allow me to utter more than a sentence or two without going into a fit of coughing. Talking on the radio for twenty minutes is thus quite difficult. Last week I managed to get through two podcasts with John plus a two hour appearance on the Space Show, but this week the condition seems to have worsened.

I have done the doctor routine, and the condition is being addressed. If all goes as hoped and the meds do their job, things could be better as soon as Friday, which means John and I might do a podcast then. More likely it will have to wait until next week. Then, however, Batchelor will be on the road, so any podcast will be done live instead our normal taping, which means my throat will have to be even better. We shall have to wait to see how things go.

For me personally, the worst part of this is that it is occurring in July, during my annual fund-raising drive. Without question I have found that not being on the John Batchelor show has hurt the campaign. Thus, if you are reading this and have thought about donating to Behind the Black, this would especially be a good time to do so. Your support now would be doubly appreciated.


July 17, 2018 Zimmerman/Livingston podcast

The podcast of my two hour appearance on The Space Show is now available here. I like this quote from David’s summary of the program at the link:

Bob spent the better part of the first segment of the program responding to Linda and in the customary Zimmerman fashion, making the case for private commercial space to champion because of freedom and liberty and the core values of the country.

Twas a really interesting show. Lots of very good questions as well as intriguing dialogue from callers.


July 17, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

Embedded below the fold in two parts. This podcast, entitled “Why does the US not have a manned spacecraft to orbit and to Mars?”, was a special broadcast, where the entire two segments were focused on outlining the delays NASA has forced on the private commercial crew companies, most especially SpaceX, in order to favor SLS as well as Boeing.

The first segment outlined the background. The second segment outlines solutions, central to which was the need to shut down SLS, Orion, and LOP-G now, before they do even more harm to the U.S.’s ability to compete effectively in space.

Whatever manned projects the federal government decides it must do, it must stop trying to ask NASA to build these projects. Instead, it must name a goal (building a base on the Moon, for example), and contract the requirements out to private companies. For the price of SLS we could launch between 300 and 400 Falcon Heavies, and do it NOW, repeatedly, rather than once four years hence. Nor is Falcon Heavy the only private option. Both Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman are building rockets that can supplement or even supplant SpaceX.

We should be relying on freedom and competition, the basic tenets of our country, not a Soviet-style top-down space program run by the government.
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June 8, 2018 Zimmerman/Pratt podcast

The podcast for my June 8th appearance on Robert Pratt’s Pratt on Texas radio show is now available here.

The discussion was focused on statements by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in support of continued funding for ISS. For a guy who ran for President under the banner of destroying what he called the “Washington cartel,” his present position lobbying hard for big space projects seems quite hypocritical, and requires some analysis.

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