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UPDATE: The show started late due to technical problems, but is going on now!

I will be doing another long guest appearance tonight on The Space Show with David Livingston, beginning at 7 pm (Pacific). You can listen live here. (link fixed, though now it doesn’t matter as the show just ended. It will be archived and available in a day or so.)

As always, I strongly encourage my readers to call in. Makes the show more fun.

May 6, 2022 Zimmerman podcast with Countdown to the Moon

Earlier this week I did a 83 minute podcast with Nathan Price as part of his daily Countdown to the Moon project, whereby he is interviewing a person per day, from all walks of life, to get their perspective on America’s attempt to return to the Moon.

Ideally I would interview strangers who do not have an obvious interest in space. And for about three months I was able to do this. I interviewed people at the mall, on the bus, on the train, at the airport, at the coffee shops, on the streets, in the hotel, and where ever else I could find people. Occasionally I would get tied up with work and not find someone to interview, so I took the opportunity to interview family and friends.

He has interviewed now almost a thousand people, and plans to at least that many before ending the project. You can get a sense of what he has learned so far at the link above..

You can watch my podcast with him here.

Video of panel discussion of Ukraine War’s impact on the global space industry

Stephen Fleming, who founded the Arizona Space Business Roundtable which co-hosted the Ukraine War panel discussion on April 5th with the Arizona Technology Council has now made the video of that event available on line.

The event was intended to outline and review what the impact of the Ukraine War on the global space industry might be.

You can download a video podcast of the event here.

The speakers:

Robert Zimmerman: The impact on Russia and the Ukraine space industries
Alex Rodriguez: The impact on the world’s space-related defense and military industries
Stephen Fleming [moderator]: The impact on the rest of the world’s commercial space industries

Also speaking remotely was Jim Cantrell, former CEO of Vector and now in charge of Phantom Space.

As expected, the event ran long, though no one left or fell asleep. Instead, there were good questions and comments. Alex reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about: When NATO had expanded after the fall of the Soviet Union, it only did so after signing an agreement with Russia calling for joint military operations, in order to convince the Russians that the expansion was not intended as a threat. That agreement, signed by Yeltsin, was essentially “shredded by Putin,” as Alex noted.

Give it a watch. You might find it enlightening.

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