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On the radio

I will be spending a half hour with Robert Pratt beginning at 6:05 (Central) today on Pratt on Texas, aired on 790-AM KFYO in Lubbock, 1470-AM KYYW in Abilene, and 1290-AM KWFS in Wichita Falls.

The primary focus is to talk about my essay yesterday, The long term ramifications of SpaceX’s crew Dragon on the future of the human race, though of course the conversation can easily diverge.


October 14, 2019 Zimmerman Space Show appearance

David Livingston has now posted the podcast for my two hour appearance on the Space Show last night, making it available for download.

David had this to say about the show in an email this morning, “Thanks for a good, passionate, and opinionated discussion. A Zimmerman show at its best!”

The discussions on Starship, Musk, and the Thirty Meter Telescope I think were especially interesting. Other topics included the debt vs NASA’s budget, China’s future in space, and the lies of the Green New Deal.

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