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June 8, 2018 Zimmerman/Pratt podcast

The podcast for my June 8th appearance on Robert Pratt’s Pratt on Texas radio show is now available here.

The discussion was focused on statements by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in support of continued funding for ISS. For a guy who ran for President under the banner of destroying what he called the “Washington cartel,” his present position lobbying hard for big space projects seems quite hypocritical, and requires some analysis.


March 27, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

Embedded below the fold in two parts. The first part of this podcast is definitely worth listening to. I go after NASA for both SLS and Webb, which seem to be projects in a competition to see who can last the longest without accomplishing anything. Both are now creeping towards project length’s exceeding two decades, and neither is close to flying.
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March 19, 2018 Zimmerman Space Show podcast

My two hour appearance with David Livingston on the Space Show last night is now available and can be downloaded as a podcast here.

This show was particularly interesting because of the high quality of questions from the callers. In fact, in many ways I think it might have been one of my most interesting Space Show appearances in a long time. Definitely worth a listen.


On The Space Show Monday March 19 7 pm PDT

Several recent stories regarding Trump’s space policy has prompted David Livingston to quickly schedule a Bob Zimmerman appearance on The Space Show for Monday, March 19, 7 pm (Pacific). The show will last at least ninety minutes. David especially wanted my analysis of Trump’s comments about the Falcon Heavy and SpaceX and how those comments have the big space contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin quaking in their boots. Their fear and terror is further compounded by the present lack of a NASA administrator, which is made even worse by the announcement that the acting interim administrator is retiring at the end of March.

You can listen to the show live at the Space Show link. We are hoping that a number of my readers will call in with questions as well as their thoughts. The Space Show toll free number is 1 (866) 687-7223. David does not screen calls, though he expects those who call to have good questions or thoughts that will further the conversation in an entertaining way. And I don’t bite!

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