Revolt in San Diego over Democrat-imposed mask and vaccine mandates?

At a board of supervisors public meeting in San Diego yesterday it appeared that a major revolt is rising against the local government’s demand that businesses impose mask and vaccine mandates on their employees and customers.

Hundreds of businesses have already signed a Business Equality Pledge and posted a Proclamation pledging not to discriminate. Citizens are also signing a petition to refuse to comply with these arbitrary and unconstitutional requirements. The rally attendees are not anti-vax, but they are simply against all medical mandates.

The community members and leaders were fired up, and to put it simply, directly called out the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for their overreaching rule, telling them to their face they have forgotten their oath to protect the constitution.

The article includes almost two dozen videos of statements by various citizens and business owners, telling the supervisors to their face, and by name, that they face a quick recall if they don’t back off and instead try to impose these mandates. These are definitely worth watching, as they indicate the rising anger and frustration many Americans are feeling over the mindless and very damaging and totalitarian government actions over the past year and a half.

The videos and the crowd responses suggest that the public in this southern California town at least has finally turned against their government leadership, which presently has a Democratic Party majority. If so, it will be a welcome and long overdue development.

At the same time, based on past experience one should not get too confident. Many past such protests were not matched by the voters. Moreover, this is California, where the election process has been badly corrupted and is very unreliable. Even if the voters vote to throw these bums out, the bums might very well have the power to revise that result to their favor.

I will not breathe easy and feel real hope until I see some actual electoral changes, at that ballot box, something that has not really occurred since World War II. Even when the voters threw the bums out of Congress in 1994 and 2010, nothing really changed.

And at the local level the public has been less than uninterested in who wins elections. This more than anything has got to change to actually change the government we live under.

An Indian tribe has sued and three researchers have countersued over possession of two 10,000-year-old skeletons unearthed during construction in San Diego.

Fighting over bones: An Indian tribe has sued and three researchers have counter-sued over possession of two 10,000-year-old skeletons unearthed during construction in San Diego.

Not surprisingly, the problem here stems from a poorly written federal law amended by a bureaucratic rule in 2010 that gives any Indian tribe control over any ancient human bones found in the U.S., even if those bones come from a human that lived long before the tribe even existed.