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An Obamacare official deleted her emails in violation of federal law

Ever get a feeling of deja-vu? The official in charge of the rollout of the failed Obamacare website regularly deleted her emails and will thus not be able to comply completely with House investigation subpoenas.

First, this is a lie. Just because she deleted them on her computer does not destroy the emails. Every IT guy in the world is probably laughing his head off at the blatant dishonesty being illustrated here. Second, isn’t it interesting how these Democratic Party politicos think it is their right to ignore the law. Third, isn’t this also typical of the Obama administration itself, the supposedly most transparent administration in history that has probably produced more scandals and coverups per man hour than any administration since Emperor Nero.


“Two scandals could hurt Obama’s reelection lead.”

Only two? “Two scandals could hurt Obama’s reelection lead.”

The article only mentions the GSA spending spree and the Secret Service sex scandal in Columbia. I wonder how this reporter missed Fast and Furious and Jon Corzine, just to name two that come to mind immediately. And there are others, for sure.