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School lunch program collapsing under Obama

Doing the job the Republicans in Congress are too cowardly to do: The more costly and less appealing foods imposed by the Obama administration on the school lunch program in order to promote better eating have been rejected by so many students that the entire program faces bankruptcy

President and first lady Michelle Obama’s bid to cut kid obesity through new demands for more costly but healthier food is financially crushing the nation’s school cafeterias, forcing staff cuts, boosting waste and killing plans to buy new equipment, according to an industry association.

A new survey from the School Nutrition Association reported that 70 percent of the nation’s lunch programs have been financially “harmed” by the new low-salt, low-sugar menus and that a stunning 93 percent report fewer students buying the chow. “Meeting these mandates has harmed the financial health of nearly 70 percent of school meal programs surveyed, with fewer than 3 percent reporting a financial benefit,” said the survey. Some 49 percent of the responding schools said they were forced to cut cafeteria staff as a result.

Not surprisingly, the school cafeteria industry is calling for greater funding to solve the problem. I’d rather see the entire program revamped and trimmed significantly. There is no reason for the government to provide lunches for most of the nation’s children. The program was originally created to feed only the poorest. As with most government programs, it has since grown way beyond that original goal, to a point that is absurd and wasteful.

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