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Soyuz returns ISS crew to Earth

A Russian Soyuz capsule safely returned three astronauts to Earth this morning.

This completes the second flight of the Soyuz-MS upgraded capsule.

The new MS series sports more efficient solar panels, a new Kurs NA approach and docking system weighing less than half that of its predecessor, additional micro-meteoroid debris shielding, and a modified docking and attitude control engine – which will add redundancy during docking and deorbit burns.


Upgraded Soyuz capsule launches three astronauts to ISS

The competition heats up: An upgraded manned capsule, dubbed Soyuz-MS, successfully reached orbit today, carrying a new three person crew to ISS.

As part of the vehicle’s checkout during its first manned flight they have decided to fly it on the older two-day rendezvous approach rather than the fast six hour route.