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Anti-white protests shut down Minnesota college

Bigots: Anti-white students have shut down St. Olaf College in Minnesota, protesting the receipt by one black student of a note calling her names.

This quote gives just a feeling of the situation, but does not describe it entirely:

Protesters also allegedly visited the campus library to gather more students for their protest. A source who reached out to The College Fix on Monday via email said a friend of hers was working in the library Saturday evening and was allegedly pushed aside by a throng of student protesters who demanded she turn over the library intercom for them to make an announcement. “When she refused, they stormed the circulation desk and forcibly grabbed the intercom mic to make their announcement,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “They also ripped the phone out of her hand and off the wall when she tried to call the police.”

Then there’s this:

Over the last three days, protesters also put up signs that included language such as “I’m sick of white tears” and “F*ck your white complacency,” and additional signs have since been added, images provided to The College Fix show.

“The campus admins are allowing the commons area to become a bulletin board of complaints against white people. No action has been taken to remove the signs, and no students dare to touch them since there are newly-installed cameras everywhere,” the student who emailed The Fix said.

Note again that these attacks and bigotry are not coming from the administrators but from the students, who represent the future.